What is Mosaic Art ?

What is Mosaic Art ?


Mosaic art has been around since ancient times and it still hasn’t seen the better days.

The reason?

The contemporary artists give their all to invent more modern mosaics while preserving and getting inspired by ancient mosaics.

They were built from fragments of tiles to form a bigger design.

So, if you need to gain a bit of know-how on mosaic art history and how it has become so popular, keep reading!


So What is Mosaic art?

Mosaic art is one of the most intricate artistic techniques in the world. The term “Mosaic” supposedly originated from the Greek word “mousa” which means “muse.”


If you were wondering how mosaic art is created, it’s all about tiny pieces of glass, stone, or ceramics. These small pieces are the glue that holds the whole decorative mosaic art.


The tiles that are used on Mosaic art are often square otherwise round or random shaped. These tiny squares are known as tesserae whereas the rounded tiles are called pebbles.

dp792 / Pixabay


When answering the question,” how is mosaic art created?”, there are 2 main ways for creating mosaic art known as the direct and indirect method.


In the direct method, the artist is placing the tiles directly on the final surface of their choosing such as a table, wall, or any other object.

LisaRedfern / Pixabay


In the indirect method, the artist lays the tiles on a backing paper. The design then transferred to the desired final surface. This is the best way to create larger mosaic designs. This technique can hinder possible errors.