Surrealism – A 1920s Art Movement

Surrealism Art – This art movement is all about creating strange creatures from ordinary objects and it was said to be influenced by Dada and Abstract Art. This movement was created in the 1920s for helping unconsciousness to prompt itself. One of its co-founder Andre Breton, a famous French writer and poet, once said that this art aims on liberating the imagination and resolving the dreams or reality into super-reality.

Painting your imaginations and portraying your dreams in a factual world doesn’t mean it is an escape from real life. Its impact is extended to literature, visual arts, music and film, and politics as well. Although surrealism art was coined early, it was officially originated from Paris and spread in many other countries and languages around the globe. This artform looks nonsense and a result of random thoughts that no require any control, reason, and moral concern.

What Does Surrealism Mean in Art?

surrealismMelting timepieces, bowler hat man, unusual everyday objects, dream sequences, but also weird happenings, this is surrealism art. The word surrealism means bizarre, irrational, and unreasonable. When it comes to arts, surrealism is one that connects the imaginary world and planet of dreams to the real world with a revolutionary force within it.

Even after more than one hundred years of its origin, contemporary artists are keeping the art movement alive by putting a modern art spin on surrealism. The most interesting fact about this art form is that its emergence was followed by World War One and its expansion to other countries was led up to World War Two.

Surrealism Techniques

This art movement was contradictory, ambitious, and most important it was quite complex because of the irrational use of everyday objects. There are almost 30 different methods and techniques of surrealism arts that were being invented with the passage of time and every one of them got its popularity in different countries across the globe.

We will discuss some of the most popular techniques that are helping surrealism in maintaining its position in the world of arts;

  • Automatism

    Out of a large number of surrealism techniques, automatism is the first of all these. Andre Breton was written about it in his 1924 publication “Surrealist Manifesto”. He defined surrealism as psychic automatism in its clean form. This state is uttered by thoughts with no control and reason.

    automatism surrealism

  • The unconscious mind of the artist is the one performing that time by overpowering the conscious state of the brain. The conscious mind is conquered by reason and controlled by social manners that’s why it is required to be overridden by an unconscious