Original Art: What is an Original Piece of Art?

Original art has so much worth that it can cost you even millions of dollars, especially when it is created by a well-known artist. Original art can be referred to as first of all the upcoming copies that represent the actual creativity and idea of the artist and portraits his actual story behind these colors on the canvas.

In simple words, a painting is called an original piece of art when it was painted by its first painter by using a fresh idea. The authenticity of the painting for its uniqueness is also important.

Why buy Original Art?

Today’s world’s most often asked question is that when original art is that expensive then why we should buy the original work?

The answer is simple that you should praise the work of an original artist, not the work of a copycat. Because there are a story and creativity of the artist attached to that painting and it might take years to build an authentic masterpiece when it comes to a series of paintings.

Duplication and other copies that are made afterward are not worthy of your money. Because it doesn’t have a unique idea and story and the original piece might be owned by someone else in the world. The original pieces that are old too are much in demand because they had exchanged the hands of elites across the world and a huge amount is also spent to restore the damaged pieces.

What Makes Art So Expensive?

Expensive Original ArtArt and creativity is not a thing whose value can be defined. It’s not the matter of the price of paper or color used or the method which decides its worth. Basically, art is a mind game, to create a splendid and eye-catching painting a lot of time and effort is consumed which in turn elevates its rate. A simple rule is used to decide the price of art that is greater the difficulty in forming it more the price will be. There are some other factors as well which makes art so expensive. Let’s have a brief discussion on them.

  • Genuine
    No doubt the original thing costs a lot valuable than the copied one. Because the original painting imparts the true meaning of the artist’s thoughts which make it more valuable.
  • Ancestry
    The most crucial reason which describes why art is so expensive. The art is not expensive for all the artists. It actually depends on the origin and source from where it belongs. The artist’s name who created a painting or the well-known gallery which exhibits it can raise its value automatically.
  • Technique
    If an artist uses a very unique technique for illustrating his/her ideas or story, then it’s a key for determining the cost of the art. Because all techniques are not that worthy.
  • Colors
    Original Art ColorThe colors used in a painting can also make it valuable. The selection of vibrant color, or light and dull combination of col