Is Instagram Good for Artists?

You are an artist, and you are wondering, “Is Instagram good for artists?” To tell you frankly, the answer is a big, fat, YES. Instagram is definitely good for artists like you! And it is not simply because everyone else has their own accounts. As an artist, a profile solely dedicated to your masterpieces will bring you to a whole new level. 

But the truth is, managing another social media account takes a lot of effort – posting consistently, interacting, growing the community, replying to DM’s and all that. So, do not sign up just for the sake of having one. Let us not just go with the trend. Instead, let us dig deeper on the benefits. Is Instagram good for artists? Here are five big reasons why is Instagram good for artists:

It is visual in nature.

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If you hear the word “Instagram”, what comes to your mind? PICTURES! Yes, this is the main reason why is Instagram good for artists- it seems like this social media platform is tailor-made for artists. With Instagram, you do not have to think of all the flowery words to attract your audience. The picture tells your story for you! Just think of it as a photo dump of your creativity. Don’t you think it would be impressive to see all your photos, paintings, or sculptures in one feed? It is like your very own “virtual gallery”. And in a practical sense, you do not have to pay for rent.

It opens a window for opportunities. 

Another excellent reason why is Instagram good for artists is it allows you to be discoverable without the hassle of lavish promotion costs. You could do Instagram ads though if you got the bucks.

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As an artist, what opportunities can you look forward to on Instagram? Aside from getting more ideas and inspirations while enjoying your past time, you can also expand your network. By having an Instagram account, it will be a lot more convenient for you to connect with other artists who have the same talents as you. You can see their feed just as they can see yours; an immediate peek on each other’s craft! And if ever you decide to collaborate with co-artists (or if THEY want to collaborate with YOU), you can slide into their DM in just one